Great Season! Happy Summer!

June 19, 2018 - Leave a Response

Congrats team! 


Awesome season!!!!!! You kids are amazing!

Hope you enjoy some great sports this summer and are excited for our fall XC season!

Ms. R. deneen-cartoon



City Finals – Tips and Notes

June 11, 2018 - Leave a Response

All athletes have a schedule and a number!! Find me at the finish line at the beginning and end of the day please! In the middle of the day… I will be on the hill near the shot put!

Please remember hats, sunscreen, water, jersey and healthy snacks if you have more than one event!

Tonight – lots of water and a great rest!!!!!!

Congrats team! See you there!

Ms. Robertsondeneen-cartoon


City Finalists – Congrats!

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Here is a link to our city finalist athletes!

The schedule is posted!

Thanks! Ms. R.




Guess What!?

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The mixed relay team moves on to the cities!

Cool, eh?

Congrats to: Giorgia, Reese, Andy and Tate!

So that means we are sending 18 athletes!

Ms. R.

Thanks to Tyler for his quick replies!

Note: will share results with kids tomorrow and will post city sched. tomorrow at school too!

What a Great Day @the East Finals!

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Hey team and community!! You kids should be super proud of all your efforts today!  I will post official results from our team as soon as they are available.  If you placed in the top 4 – pls. plan on coming to the City Final next Tuesday June 12th!

FYI – Traditionally the meet switches – boys on the track first, girls at the pit events… but we will see!  I will post the sched. at school so that parents and athletes can plan their day!

By my count, I believe we have 16 individual athletes who have qualified – many of them in 2 events!

Many athletes placed 5th – 8th and should be super proud of results too! Sometimes it’s disappointing to be so close to qualifying and you kids were all really positive.

Congrats everyone! Tons of great stuff & results…..but also, a few tears and scrapes too. …Tons of learning and character building and tons of really nice community building too!

I thanked Tyler Noble and his team of volunteers from the East for their efforts on our behalf!

Thanks parents for all your cheers and drives! Thanks Ms. Gillan for freeing us up and supporting our coaching and thanks to Ms. Hepner for all her efforts at base!

Ms. Robertson

ps. thanks master marshaller and coach, Mr. Knight!! note – kids who advance do not owe him a meal from the resto up the street – haha.


East Final Prep.

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Hi community! We will have a meeting to share info. and details about the meet on Wed., June 6th! I will give out an info 1/2 sheet.  But if you are reading here – we expect our athletes to have drives organized to and from the meet.

We will convene early in the day at the finish line in the stands and later – mid-day around the hill at the shot put area.  At the end of the day – we are usually back at the finish line.

Athletes have new numbers for this meet…. posted outside the lab.

Times of events are posted outside the lab.

Thanks! Ms. R.


East Final!

May 22, 2018 - Leave a Response

Congrats to 48 athletes who have qualified for the East Final on Wed., June 6th. Please continue to train on your own! If we are able to at school – we will call some practices! Please listen to school announcements.

Any questions – or if you wish to see your time or distance – please see Ms. R. at school.


Ms. Robertson & the coachesdeneen-cartoon

No Results Yet from May 8th meet…

May 16, 2018 - Leave a Response

Sorry community – no official results yet – hopefully Friday.

I will not attach results… but will share times and distances with kids in person at school.

If you place top 4 – please keep training – especially during this nice weather!  If you are unsure if you placed top 4 – why not keep practising? It is fun to run and jump!

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Ms. Robertson

Awesome May 8th Qualifier!

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Congrats to all athletes who represented Courcelette so well today. Everyone should be super proud of themselves! Any athlete who finished in the top 4 will be invited to compete at the East Final on June 6th – so keep training on your own – or with coaches.  We will try to offer up some more practices at school too! Once I receive official results I will compile a list and share results (times/ distances) with the students in person – so just come and ask!

Thanks to our Principal Ms. Gillan for freeing up a terrific team of staff coaches to make sure our athletes were marshalled and safe and ready! Thanks Ms. Hepner for ordering us the bus shuttles and I’m sure dealing with some phone calls and more back at the base! Thanks to Ms. Wilkins, Ms. Toner, Ms. Campbell, Mr. Fine and the master marshaller: Mr. Knight.

Thanks to all parents who helped escort early and late athletes and who cheered on our team all day!

Awesome day kids! Ms. Robertson

BTW – I passed along a thanks to the meet organizers from us!

How to Qualify for the East Final

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I haven’t mentioned this yet!!

Athletes must place in the top 4 to advance to the East Final which is on: June 6, 2018. No matter what result happens…. please be super proud to represent your school! If you place 2nd – that’s really cool.  If you place 12th – that’s great too.  It’s just elementary school and maybe you will try the event next year or try an different event.  Please cheer on all team members and be happy with your progress.  Know that it’s been pretty tough to practice with the chilly, rainy spring.

Thanks everyone for being supportive! Looking forward to hearing: Great run, Way to Go! Thanks Mr. Knight for marshalling me and telling me bad, corny jokes! Thanks to the bus driver when leaving the bus…. and lots of smiles!

Ms. R.