What a Great Day @ Cities Courcelette!

October 26, 2017 - 2 Responses

I know some of you didn’t believe my heading just after your race…… it’s really hard to run at the City Final! But now that it’s all over – I hope you are all super proud of your races!  Even if things don’t go as planned, you can always learn and grow as an athlete and as a student/ citizen!!  Way to go!!

Here are some of our best results – in the top 50s in the whole city!!

Camille – 15, Reese – 35 & Giorgia – 36 in the girls’ gr. 4 race!

Tim – 41 in the boys’ gr. 4 race!

Natasha – 28 in the girls’ gr. 5 race!

Jesse – 3rd (and Courcelette’s 1st city medal at XC EVER!! wow!) – Austin – 42, Kristjan – 52 in the boys’ gr. 6 race!

Abigail – 50 in the girls’ gr. 8 race!

Awesome job team! A terrific season…..

Special congrats to Abigail, Owen and sometimes Alex who are in our graduating grade 8 class this year and who have all been a very important part of our XC City experiences over many, many years – wow! Hope you hold on to great memories of representing Courcelette at all the races at the City Final since you were little guys in gr. 3 and gr. 4!

Special shout-out to the cheer team of Trey, Giorgia, Reese, Lily and Camille who stayed all day to run up the hill – run to the mini hill – run all around to cheer on all of our athletes. You guys are really special! I know all the runners gave a little extra for you!

Will share more results when they are in – in person… come by and see me! If you are interested in any of your little squares with numbers – come by Friday and see me in the lab.

Thanks parents for all your encouragement  and driving!

Ms. Robertson


All Ready??

October 25, 2017 - Leave a Response

Had a mini meeting with our 26 athletes today to number up our team.  Please darken those numbers or see me at the start to brighten them up.  Showed some runners the course map….

It’s a relatively easy [read FAST] 2km for our junior runners who run around the ski hill…

The drama comes for the Intermediates!! A little forest run then up the hill to complete their 3km!

The mini hill right before the chute at the finish is a great place to have a big kick!

Love that I have seen some students in the community training … love that Natasha told me about her rest day today!

No matter what happens – you kids are among the top 100 athletes for XC in the city in your grade and that’s a big honour! Congrats!

Look for me around the north parking lot and start before you run. Gr. 4 girl team – I plan to be there around 9:30.

See ya! Mrs. Robertson

Gr. 3 Team Results are Awesome too!

October 22, 2017 - Leave a Response

Gr. 3 Boys Team – 2nd! Charlie – 3rd, Jack – 10th, Nolan, Stoli and Nigel

2nd place will receive crests!

Gr. 3 Girls Team – 1st! Olivia – 5th, Tess – 9th, Lane, Katelyn and Brooklyn

1st place will receive crests and a banner for our school!

Congrats Gr. 3 athletes – great season!!

Ms. R and the coaches

Going to Cities – 26 Runners & 4 Teams!

October 22, 2017 - 2 Responses

Amazing results guys…..WOW – so impressed! Times linked too.





Super Fun Day @ East Final!

October 21, 2017 - Leave a Response

Awesome day everyone at the East Final ~ all of you who placed in the top 20 – plan for next Thursday’s drive to Etobicoke – Centennial Park. All I know for sure is that our Gr. 4 girl team and Gr. 6 boy team did in fact win with team scores of 32 and 33 respectively. WOW – Way to go! Other team scores and results will be shared once I get official results in – likely Monday.

Even if the result wasn’t the result you wanted, kids – be super proud of representing your school and wearing our Broncos spirit wear- you did a great job! I’m proud of all of you!!

Thanks for everyone’s drives, cheers, support and fantastic races! Thanks Mr. Knight for all your coaching at our starts!

Ms. Robertson

New Race Times! East Final on Oct. 20

October 18, 2017 - Leave a Response

please note the changes in races for Gr. 6 onwards as there is a Barrier Free Race scheduled in the middle of the day:

Gr. 3 Boys – 10:30     Gr. 3 Girls – 10:45

Gr. 4 Boys – 11:00     Gr. 4 Girls – 11:15

Gr. 5 Boys – 11:30     Gr. 5 Girls – 11:45

Barrier Free Race – please cheer on athletes!!

Gr. 6 Boys – 12:30     Gr. 6 Girls – 12:45

Gr. 7 Boys – 1:00      Gr. 7 Girls – 1:15

Gr. 8 Boys – 1:30      Gr. 8 Girls – 1:45

Most athletes attended our in school meeting today and know that it is their job to be organized on race day with equipment and drives.  (Arrive 30-45 mins. prior to race time) Any students who need a permission to drive form are asked to see me Thursday pm.  Thanks, Ms. R.


Congrats – East Final Team

October 13, 2017 - 3 Responses

Congrats to the following peeps from Courcelett’cha:

55 Runners and 8 Teams!

5 first place teams…..wow!


Note: Times for races included in the link above! Ms. R.

Practices/ Training….going forward…..

October 13, 2017 - Leave a Response

So great to see a couple of lil runners this am who are as I type – working on various fun games in our lab!

Traditionally I shut down the morning practices for our team after the qualifier…. PLEASE get some training in on your own at your convenience around all your other things you do! Just make sure you stay safe and run with a buddy under adult supervision. I do recommend going over to run the course! I recommend hills at Birchmount stadium. Sprints and starts and just getting in some kilometres!

Best advice is rest on the Thursday – lots of healthy calories and water – oh and wash your hand a lot to avoid getting a cold!

I will for sure meet with kids who are going on to the East sometime next week to plan.

Thanks again, Ms. R.

What a Great Qualifier, Courcelette!

October 12, 2017 - 2 Responses

You really rock, young Broncos!!!! Thanks for all of your terrific races today! Informal results from me are as follows… Here are some great team totals: (adding up the first 4 runners):

Gr. 3 B – 51, Gr. 3 G – 58, Gr. 4 B – 48, Gr 4 G – 17!!, Gr. 5 B – 44, Gr. 5 G – 73, Gr. 6 B – 32!

Here are some individual top 15 results! Five firsts!

Gr. 3 B – 1st – Charlie!, 6th – Jack F.

Gr. 3 G – 5th – Olivia, 7th – Tess

Gr. 4 B – 4th – Tim, 10th – Trey, 13th – Sam

Gr. 4 G – 1st – Camille!, 3rd – Reese, 4th – Giorgia, 9th – Lily

Gr. 5 B – 5th – Cooper, 8th – Oliver, 11th – Simon

Gr. 5 G – 1st – Natasha!, 6th – Stella

Gr. 6 B – 1st – Jesse!, 4th – Kristjan, 10th – Oscar

Gr. 6 G. – 15th – Cassandra

Gr. 7 B – 1st – Hudson!

Gr. 8 G – 4th – Abigail

Gr. 8 B – 13th – Owen

Many thanks to our coaches, Mr. Knight, Ms. Clarke & Ms. Toner for stepping in for Ms. Wilkins! Thanks to our principal Ms. Gillan for supporting us and allowing us to be at the meet to coach our team! Thanks parents for cheering and driving!!!

Any athlete who placed in the top 50 (or close to place 50 or 60 depending on the race) will be invited to the East Final next Friday, the 20th! Race times start at 10:30 with the Gr. 3 boys.  We do not have a bus for the East final!

Congrats team!! Ms. Robertson

ps. I will share more notes (i.e., team places) when I get official results – I will share more individual qualifiers at school but will not post here in this blog.



Qualifier on Oct. 12… rain prep.

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Hi community ~ just in case you didn’t know – the meet runs rain or shine.  The forecast looks relatively cool with light rain.  If some parents are there before me ~ pls. try to secure an area under one of the covered areas.  I like the area around the curve on the paved area across from the big fallen tree trunk.  It’s mid-race I believe and a great place to cheer.

Pack umbrellas, rain boots, rain gear and lots of warm stuff! I will aim to be there before the bus around 9:15-9:30am.

Thanks, Ms. Robertson