Great Day @ Cities!

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Congrats Broncos! I will make an announcement tomorrow am and feature our athletes at our assembly on Oct. 30th.  You all should be super proud of results! What a nice group of talented kids and parents….. amazing day.

Great season… by the numbers: around 90 kids ran for many, many ams during Sept. and Oct.., around 50 kids ran an invitational at Chine Drive PS, around 76 at the qualifier, around 44 at the East and 18 terrific kids at the Cities. and 4-6 happy coaches (sometime extra great staff just jumped in to help out) 1 supportive principal and 1 great school.

Ms. R.

here’s our graph – missing a result on our gr. 5 boy team- one place after our first runner!…. someone’s grandma has it!! adorable.

Here is the updated graph!




City Finals!

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We have 18 athletes who have qualified! Congrats! It’s at Centennial Park in Etobicoke. Races start at 10:30 with the Gr. 4 girls. Athletes must arrive 30-45 mins. before the race.

I am having a meeting with our team today! Other info. is posted on our gym doors at school.

See you there! This is around where I am…… The start area is just north.

Our Courcelette sign at XC City Final 2017

Ms. Robertson

Great Day @ East Finals!

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Will share more results at school tomorrow ~ around 20 student athletes have qualified for the City Final this Thursday! Congrats kids!! Just over 40 students ran today and 5 kids ran in the Fun Runs!

Here’s our graph and some pics:

Great day Courcelette ~ Go Broncos!! Ms. Robertson & Mr. Knight

Our graph of results!

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74 runners!! + 2 in the primary FUN RUN!!! Woo hoo!


FRI. Follow up – Tips for Mon.

October 18, 2019 - 2 Responses

Hi team! Well that was a fun day! If your child placed in the top 50 – congrats – see you Monday.  Race times are around 30 mins. earlier than today. Here are some initial team results I have – not final but pretty legit. Thanks to Ms. Noble for her amazing data & results.

Team Results: (top 4 runners’ scores added together)

Gr. 3B – 1st, Gr. 4G – 2nd, Gr. 5G – 2nd, Gr. 5B – 1st, Gr. 6G – 1st, Gr. 6B – 2nd

If any runner who ran and placed after the 50th spot and wishes to come on Monday to the East final – there are 1 km Fun Runs for all grades! (1-3 Fun Run @ 10:30, 4-6  Fun Run @ 12:30, 7-8 Run Run @ 1:45) The forecast looks great and the athletes would get another run in for fitness, school spirit and experience.

NOTE: there’s no bus for the races on Monday – Please carpool and be organized at least 30 mins to 45 mins before race time. If you haven’t signed a ‘Permission to Drive’ form from before and you are kindly bringing an athlete – thanks – pls. ask Ms. Hepner for a form at school and leave in my mailbox.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and help today. Thanks Ms. Baldwin for jumping in and helping with supervision on our buses and at the race. Thanks to Ms. Gesualdo for being an awesome coach!!! Thanks Mr. Knight for being there at the start!!

Ms. Robertson


Qualifier Stuff for Friday’s Race

October 16, 2019 - 2 Responses

Hi sports fans!!! It’s finally here…. yay!

The weather forecast looks perfect right now for Friday’s race.

What to bring?

  • broncos gear
  • running shoes
  • layers – mitts, jacket, hat, etc.
  • consider rain boots & pack running shoes
  • litter less lunch/ snack
  • water
  • nothing super valuable
  • great attitude, cheers  & listening skills!

Again – we have a bus – plans are the team of Gr. 3 – 5s will leave on the bus around 9am. The Gr. 6 – 8s will leave on the bus around 10:05. All kids who have finished racing will be on the first shuttle back to school around 12:45. All other kids who have finished will be on the second bus shuttle around 2pm. Students athletes who have not raced yet may need to have a shared parent drive to safely get back to our school area.

If you drive your own child to the Qualifier meet – that’s fine – just please call the school for attendance purposes.  Please don’t carpool other students as we do have the bus. (Unless – it’s at the end of the day and the bus has left!! )

New news from the organizers – top 50 and top 3 teams qualify. A team is the total number of first 4 runners added together.  BUT – if a team member’s last runner is after the 50th spot – the first 3 kids will be running as individuals.

The East final is Monday, Oct. 21st – no bus is scheduled – so please organize a driver for or plan to escort your child.

Many, many thanks from me and the coaches!

ps. if you plan to come to cheer – park legally & thanks so much for your cheers and support.

D. Robertson



Qualifier for Courcelette P.S. & New East Final Dates

October 7, 2019 - 2 Responses

Hi Community!

Our new qualifier date is: Fri., Oct. 18th – and we have a bus thanks to Ms. Hepner!

The East Final is: Mon., Oct. 21st.

The City Final remains the same: Thurs., Oct. 24th

Practices this week: Tues, Wed.

Practices next week: Tues., Wed.

Ms. R. and the coaches

Qualifier Postponed.

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Hi Community ~ TDESSA has postponed all events for Mon. and Tues. next week. This postponement is in place no matter what the CUPE strike situation is.

Please stay tuned! I will post when I hear any details about our XC season.

Continue to train safely this weekend! If you wish, go to the course ~ maps are posted on the gym doors.

We will run Tues. am practice at 8am.

Thanks for your support and understanding, Ms. R. and the coaches

Qualifier Meet Details…

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Hi!! Things have changed this year. To qualify for the East Final – runners must place individually in the top 30 or on a top 3 team. Top 3 Teams or next 30 once team members removed. All team members must be in the top 50.

Distances: Gr. 3 – 1.5km, Gr. 4 -6 is 2km, Gr. 7 -8 is 3km.

Fun Run: if any runner is not able to run the full distance competitively, there are 3 Fun Runs of 1 km available for Gr. 1-3, Gr. 4-6 and Gr. 7-8 – Race times are posted on the gym doors.

NOTE: We have a bus for the Qualifier but may need some parent drivers for our Gr. 7s and 8s.

The East Final will also have Fun Run opportunities – but parents would have to organize drives to attend.

Thanks Broncos! See you Wed. am! Ms. R.

Oct. Practices

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Hi Community!!! I mentioned on a few announcements and in person that if it’s rainy tomorrow am – pls. come to the front entrance for 8:15 and we can discuss race day next Tues., Oct. 8th! If it is not rainy – Wed. am @ 8 as usual.

Next practice this week – Friday @ 8.

The following week: no practice race day, practice Wed. am and no practice on the Fri. PA Day.

Next post – on how to qualify for the East final.

Thanks, Ms. R.