New Race Times! East Final on Oct. 20

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please note the changes in races for Gr. 6 onwards as there is a Barrier Free Race scheduled in the middle of the day:

Gr. 3 Boys – 10:30     Gr. 3 Girls – 10:45

Gr. 4 Boys – 11:00     Gr. 4 Girls – 11:15

Gr. 5 Boys – 11:30     Gr. 5 Girls – 11:45

Barrier Free Race – please cheer on athletes!!

Gr. 6 Boys – 12:30     Gr. 6 Girls – 12:45

Gr. 7 Boys – 1:00      Gr. 7 Girls – 1:15

Gr. 8 Boys – 1:30      Gr. 8 Girls – 1:45

Most athletes attended our in school meeting today and know that it is their job to be organized on race day with equipment and drives.  (Arrive 30-45 mins. prior to race time) Any students who need a permission to drive form are asked to see me Thursday pm.  Thanks, Ms. R.



Congrats – East Final Team

October 13, 2017 - 3 Responses

Congrats to the following peeps from Courcelett’cha:

55 Runners and 8 Teams!

5 first place teams…!

Note: Times for races included in the link above! Ms. R.

Practices/ Training….going forward…..

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So great to see a couple of lil runners this am who are as I type – working on various fun games in our lab!

Traditionally I shut down the morning practices for our team after the qualifier…. PLEASE get some training in on your own at your convenience around all your other things you do! Just make sure you stay safe and run with a buddy under adult supervision. I do recommend going over to run the course! I recommend hills at Birchmount stadium. Sprints and starts and just getting in some kilometres!

Best advice is rest on the Thursday – lots of healthy calories and water – oh and wash your hand a lot to avoid getting a cold!

I will for sure meet with kids who are going on to the East sometime next week to plan.

Thanks again, Ms. R.

What a Great Qualifier, Courcelette!

October 12, 2017 - 2 Responses

You really rock, young Broncos!!!! Thanks for all of your terrific races today! Informal results from me are as follows… Here are some great team totals: (adding up the first 4 runners):

Gr. 3 B – 51, Gr. 3 G – 58, Gr. 4 B – 48, Gr 4 G – 17!!, Gr. 5 B – 44, Gr. 5 G – 73, Gr. 6 B – 32!

Here are some individual top 15 results! Five firsts!

Gr. 3 B – 1st – Charlie!, 6th – Jack F.

Gr. 3 G – 5th – Olivia, 7th – Tess

Gr. 4 B – 4th – Tim, 10th – Trey, 13th – Sam

Gr. 4 G – 1st – Camille!, 3rd – Reese, 4th – Giorgia, 9th – Lily

Gr. 5 B – 5th – Cooper, 8th – Oliver, 11th – Simon

Gr. 5 G – 1st – Natasha!, 6th – Stella

Gr. 6 B – 1st – Jesse!, 4th – Kristjan, 10th – Oscar

Gr. 6 G. – 15th – Cassandra

Gr. 7 B – 1st – Hudson!

Gr. 8 G – 4th – Abigail

Gr. 8 B – 13th – Owen

Many thanks to our coaches, Mr. Knight, Ms. Clarke & Ms. Toner for stepping in for Ms. Wilkins! Thanks to our principal Ms. Gillan for supporting us and allowing us to be at the meet to coach our team! Thanks parents for cheering and driving!!!

Any athlete who placed in the top 50 (or close to place 50 or 60 depending on the race) will be invited to the East Final next Friday, the 20th! Race times start at 10:30 with the Gr. 3 boys.  We do not have a bus for the East final!

Congrats team!! Ms. Robertson

ps. I will share more notes (i.e., team places) when I get official results – I will share more individual qualifiers at school but will not post here in this blog.



Qualifier on Oct. 12… rain prep.

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Hi community ~ just in case you didn’t know – the meet runs rain or shine.  The forecast looks relatively cool with light rain.  If some parents are there before me ~ pls. try to secure an area under one of the covered areas.  I like the area around the curve on the paved area across from the big fallen tree trunk.  It’s mid-race I believe and a great place to cheer.

Pack umbrellas, rain boots, rain gear and lots of warm stuff! I will aim to be there before the bus around 9:15-9:30am.

Thanks, Ms. Robertson

Tips for the Qualifier

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Getting There:

We have a bus ~ there will be 2 shuttles….

Gr. 3 – 5 on first shuttle around 9:15am

Gr. 6 – 8 on second shuttle around 10:20

First shuttle back to school all racers who are done – likely Gr. 3 – 5 around 12:30

Second shuttle back to school all racers who are done – around 2pm.

If we have Gr. 7 or 8s who have not raced yet, we will need to carpool back to school – I will have ‘Permission to Drive’ forms on hand if you help out driving a child who is not your own.

Please note! If you take your own child to and from the meet – that is fine – just please communicate with Ms. Robertson or a coach at the meet.  Please do not take other children – when we have a bus – we need to use it as they are costly. We will of course need drivers for the East Final and City Final as for those meets I do not organize a bus as most of our parents love to come and cheer on our students!

While at the Meet:

All students must listen and be ready and organized to race.  This means manage food and warms ups, cool downs and equipment/ gear. Many runners should plan on being organized with a mid morning snack and then eat lunch after they race. All students must be very disciplined with behaviour.

What to Bring:

running gear, jersey, running shoes (possibly rainboots or second pair), extra socks, layers for all weather – it could rain and be way chillier than it has been, hat, water, snack, lunch…. blanket, towel + number on hand to race – will be given at the meet

How to Qualify for the East Final on the 20th:

top 5 teams (team consists of adding the first 4 runners’ place) + 5th runner

top 50 individuals once teams have been removed

Thanks! Ms. R. & the coaches

Qualifier Race Times – Thurs., Oct. 12

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Hi Community!

Race times for the Qualifier at Thomson Park are as follows:

Gr. 3 Boys – 11:00, Gr. 3 Girls – 11:15

Gr. 4 Boys – 11:30, Gr. 4 Girls – 11:45

Gr. 5 Boys – 12:00, Gr. 5 Girls – 12:15

Gr. 6 Boys – 12:30, Gr. 6 Girls – 12:45

Gr. 7 Boys – 1:00, Gr. 7 Girls – 1:20

Gr. 8 Boys – 1:40, Gr. 8 Girls, 2:00


Practices next week and beyond…

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Next week: Monday morning practice – 8:15 – Terry Fox Run in the pm! Wed. 8:05

Then Friday P.A. Day and Monday Thanksgiving…. please continue to train safely!

Wed., Oct. 11 – 8:05

Thursday the 12th is the Qualifier at Thomson Park during the day… more info. to follow! We have a bus to transport students!

Thanks, Ms. R.

Brock Gordon Results!

September 30, 2017 - 2 Responses

What a great showing Courcelette! Thanks parents, Ms. Gillan and Ms. Clarke for coming out!! Here are some team results:

5th place – gr. 7/8 boys!

3rd place – gr. 3/4 girls!

2nd place – gr. 3/4 boys!

1st place – gr. 5/6 boys! team total: 38!!

Here’s top ten results…..Big congrats to:

Reese – 6th, Giorgia – 7th, Trey – 8th, Natasha – 9th, Jesse – 1st, Oscar – 3rd, Austin – 7th, Abigail – 4th!

By my count we had 39 runners participate in beautiful, cool sunshine! Great job runners!

Ms. R. and Ms. Clarke!!


Brock Gordon Times

September 27, 2017 - 4 Responses

Hi Community ~ the day starts off with 2 grade 1/2 races.  It is great to see how they finish and the course before the 3/4 races! Our race times are:

Gr. 3 /4 girls: 9:50

Gr. 3 /4 boys: 10:15

Gr. 5 /6 girls: 10:40

Gr. 5 /6 boys: 11:00

Gr. 7/ 8 girls: 11:20

Gr. 7 /8 boys: 11:35

Arrive 30-45 minutes before your race time to get settled, see the finish, get to the start and warm up!  Make sure to see Ms. Robertson with your results as they do have to be tallied and handed in! Ms. Clarke or Ms. Gillan may be at the start… I will be at the start at the first 3 /4 race – but then will only be at the finish!
Note: Thomson Park is at the northeast corner of Brimley and Lawrence Ave.

D. Robertson