What a Fun Two Days of Track and Field, Courcelette!

Thanks to all the kids and coaches who participated this Thursday and Friday!  We hope the kids had a fun time and learned some new skills! Once the results are in I will formalize the team in consultation with the coaches and the students.

Grade 2s and 3s can participate in the relay (all 5 athletes are equally important!), the 100m sprint (or I think it may be a 60 or 80m sprint), the standing long jump and the running long jump.

Grade 4s to 8s can participate in the 4 X 100 relay, the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, hurdles, triple jump, standing long jump (4 – 6), running long jump, shotput, javelin and the 4 X 400 relay! There are a LOT of events!

So, congrats again to all athletes & a big thanks to our Courcelette coaches & Grade 8 helpers!

Stay tuned for more announcements and updates!

Thanks, Mrs. Robertson


One Response

  1. Thanks to all the teachers who put in the time and effort to coach all of our students!!! I know our community is very grateful!

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