Permission form home today and a few more things…

Your child athlete is bringing home a permission form today – pls. sign and have your child return it asap! Due Friday for sure….

Also – here are a couple of answers to some questions out there:

If you notice that your child has events at the same time – the track event is first! The Track runs the meet – a coach will check in your athlete at the pit event and the volunteer coaches at that event will wait for the athlete.

Practices are announced in the am.  Students are required to listen and attend practices.  We are down to the wire with time and we will fit them in if we can!  Shot put is a high risk sport and shot puts cannot be shared with our community for safety reasons…

Distance athletes are encouraged to train safely with a family member!

Thanks, I will keep answering questions as they come up!  Mrs. R.


4 Responses

  1. Just wondering what time you want the hurdlers to meet up tomorrow? Looking forward to a great day!

    • just posted – hope this answers your Q!!! around 8:30….see you there!

  2. What time should the kids be at school on the 20th

    • normal time!!! unless your child is a hurdler, or 1500m runner! or josh, brogan or grant!

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