Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Meet!!! Yay!

Sorry for the delay in posting, community! The lab/library was out of commission, so I couldn’t post. Some of the coaches and I met with I hope all of our team today for a 3pm meeting to share the following information and field questions…. here we go:

Tomorrow am: if you go directly to the meet, pls. call the school to leave a message re: attendance…thanks! There are 22 athletes expected at Birchmount Stadium arriving with parent drivers: 1500m runners – meet Mr. R. just after 8am, 4 – 6 hurdlers, 8:30, 7 – 8 hurdlers, 8:45 – approx. times/ suggestions: Leave time to warm up, park, etc.

Your athlete needs: running gear, school jersey (provided tomorrow on bus, wear your own or handed out for our early competitors), layers, track pants etc. -cool weather forecasted –  water, packed/ litterless lunch, sunscreen, hat, towel/ blanket to sit on, competitors number – given tomorrow, written on hand  & **any medication/ puffers/ EpiPens**

Getting to the meet: all 1500m runners, and hurdlers and 1st pit events for 8:45 (Grant, Brogan, Josh) should have a ride organized.  If you take someone else’s child, pls. fill out a ‘Permission to Drive Form’. (more are available outside the office.) All other athletes are on 2 shuttle buses.  The bus arrives at 8:45, so athletes competing at 9:30 should be able to arrive on time! We will be able to shuttle back athletes throughout the day as they are finished with their events. We are hoping to return the majority of our Gr. 2 and 3 athletes around the lunch hour as their relays run early.

At the meet: Students must listen to our master marshaller Mr. Knight & the other coaches to get marshalled to events.  Students should have a general idea of their event’s timing – Note: events can run early & if an event is at the same time, a coach will check you into your pit event as the Track events take priority. Students must always return to the home base after their events (under the sign, outside the track on the south side of the stadium). Students must ask permission to visit the washroom and travel in pairs or groups with a gr. 7 or 8 student, parent or coach. Students must manage their own lunch, garbage and gear.

Leaving the Meet: we have our bus for an extended period past 4pm if needed.

Qualifying for the East Final on June 4th: top 4, Gr. 4 – 6 athletes qualify, top 5, Gr. 7 – 8 qualify. Gr. 2s and 3s do not advance.

Thanks! Parents: pls. park legally & thanks in advance for coming along to cheer on our team, assist in driving and help supervise at the meet!

D. Robertson & the coaching staff


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