Thoughts and Thanks after our First Meet!

Hi Community! Well can I say that we have the best and nicest parents ever?! You guys jumped in to help when we needed help with our bus fiasco both in the am and pm.  You even willingly opted to help other kids and may have missed your own child run/ hurdle demonstrating great compassion for our school community – honestly we cannot thank you enough!  Our extended bus was ordered and confirmed, so we will look into it further to avoid this headache in the future!  Thanks to our office admin. Ms. Young and Mr. Wetherell for helping out at the school end. Thanks to parent drivers who also pitched in at the end of the day!!

Onto the day… We had many, many terrific results which I will highlight when official results come in.  In the meantime though a big congrats to our Gr. 2 and Gr. 3 team of athletes who represented our school so well!  All 4 of our young relay teams received a Top 3 result! Wow!

To our Gr. 4 – 6 athletes, if you or your team placed in the Top 4, congrats! And to our Gr. 7 – 8 athletes, if you or your team placed in the Top 5, congrats too! Please be organized with your parents or friends for the East Final on June 4th.  I will link the team sched. asap so that you can view the timing of your event. In the past we have relied on parent drivers for the East and City Finals – location for both is Birchmount. (The City Final is TBA re: the date)

Congrats to ALL athletes who attended today! You kids were really awesome representing our school! Way to go!

Thanks to all coaches for planning and attending today – What a terrific team! Thanks Mr. Knight, Ms. Bowers, Ms. Pennington, Ms. Laverne, Mr. McNaughton and Ms. Clarke! Thanks to the staff back at school for reorganizing your day and for your flexibility! And to all the nice people who thanked me ~ you’re welcome! It’s always my pleasure as I love seeing the kids in this great setting…

Stay tuned! I will link results as soon as I see them!

Mrs. Robertson


2 Responses

  1. Thank you to all the staff that made today possible! It does not go unnoticed by parents or students, that they have such dedicated teachers who help them achieve their best. Too bad I couldn’t be there today, but I received glowing reports from Cassandra and my family that were able to attend. Thanks again everyone!

    • Thanks Liisa! Cassandra did such a great job at the running long jump and she is proudly sporting her 1st place ribbon today with me right now!! ps. it was nice to meet her Grandma and uncle! Dee

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