Looking forward to tomorrow, community!!!

Don’t let young kids stay up watching Stamkos – no matter what Peach said today…. ha ha!

A couple of things:

1. I think one of the main challenges is managing the sun, food and warm-ups!  Mr. K. and I had a meeting with the kids today and explained this!  (Some of my suggestions: Take a hat on the field, sunscreen up and keep moving before the relays! Then remember to go back to get your hat! Do not eat 1 hour before your event. Snack on digestible things and maybe not milk products. Learn what works for you and your body. I think I said: eat pasta, run fasta… but don’t quote me!)

2. If you child is finished his/her event ~ pls. escort him/ her back to school! Mr. K and I are around to monitor but will be busy marshalling, etc. So the safest place is back at school and added bonus is a fun, fundraiser skipping pm for Heart and Stroke.  & 2.5  park legally…

3. Look after belongings and no litter! Litterless, packed lunches are the best!! (There’s a pile of stuff at the office from the last meet – thanks to Sophia Griffin’s mom.)

4. No coaches or parents are allowed inside the track.

5. Be ready to get marshalled to events 30 minutes prior to the posted time.

6. There are 100 schools participating in tomorrow’s track meet! Let’s celebrate being there! If any of our young athletes place in the top 4, it will be an awesome accomplishment…. and a quick turnaround to the Cities on Tues., June 9th

See you there! Mrs. R.


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