Important 2015 Dates & Forms

Hi Community ~ I’m giving out permission forms today to start our XC season for 2015. We will have our first practice on Fri.Sept. 18 @ 8am. Morning practices will run every morning unless it is raining or it is a race day. Pls. return asap

Students will need to be very safe and attentive listeners as we train along Fallingbrook, across the one way street and up Courcelette. Please remind your child to follow coach’s instructions in order to be safe at all times.

Meet Dates include:
Chine Drive – Wed., Sept. 30 – optional race after school
East Qualifier Meet – Wed., Oct. 7 – school bus during the day at Thomson Park (Brimley and Lawrence)
East Final Meet – Wed., Oct. 14 – Thomson Park (for those who qualify – parent drivers)
City Final – Thurs., Oct. 22 – Centennial Park (for those who qualify – parent drivers)

Thanks! Mrs. R. and the coaches (thanks to : Ms. Bowers, Ms. Wilkins and Mr. Knight for assisting with our coaching!)


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  1. Will we be able to take the kids to the Brock Gordon meet on October 3rd?

    • I will ask – but I don’t think so. I have done this Sat. meet for the past 16 years as a mom and as a coach…but am unable to make it this year. My other 3 coaches are also unable to be there on a Saturday. I will post if I find out otherwise. Thanks, Dee

      • here’s my answer from the boss in charge of this meet: Students may not run without a TDSB coach due to insurance coverage.

  2. Hi Mrs. Robertson, I thought I had left a reply a few days ago, but can’t find it. Just wondering if you can give us times for the runs with the new dates, I am going to try to take some time off work to attend, but would need to know if I can book half days off, or do I need to book full days off. I’ll ask my girls to check, just in case if they can find out earlier. It’s not easy for me to get the time off, but I want to try. Thanks, Liisa Keevallik

    • I’m not blogging due to our current work to rule. Your girls will have to listen for announcements and read paperwork that comes home – like the olden days. Sorry, I really miss communicating and sharing online with our community. Hopefully, things will get resolved soon. DR

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