Well! What Can I Say… it was a Great Season!

Hi Courcelette family! In spite of not being able to blog/ post/ brag about our terrific young runners….it was truly a great season.  Our Courcelette athletes did a fine job representing our little school at several XC meets this season! We were blessed with fabulous weather and amazing new gr. 3 families who joined us!

Thanks very much to our new parents and parents from years past who came out to assist in driving and to cheer on all of our kids.

Thanks very much to our coaches this year… Ms. Wilkins, Mr. Knight and Ms. Bowers who assisted with am practices and with marshalling and starts at our meets. Our team couldn’t run without your help!

Thanks to our new principal, Mr. Bradley, who gave us lots of support with busses and supplies and words of encouragement.  One Wed. pm before our East final, he even ‘numbered up’ our runners!  Thanks to Mr. Fiddian-Green who organized some cool, new personalized jerseys for kids who wanted to own their own shirt. (They really do love to wear them, still seeing them in warm Nov. sunshine!)

Thanks team!

I will try to highlight – by the numbers/ results soon!

Mrs. Robertson


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