Gr. 1s and Gr. 2s – New!

We are going to have a mini-meet for our Gr. 1s and Gr. 2s one sunny afternoon between May 10th and May 20th. We will give a couple of days notice so our little athletes know to bring running gear and water!  Our school event will give all the students an opportunity to practise and learn some Track and Field skills.

From this mini-meet the coaches will select 4 Gr. 1 girls, 4 Gr. 1 boys, 4 Gr. 2 girls and 4 Gr. 2 boys to represent our school at an invitational meet for schools in ER12 organized by Rob Harris & the BEAP program from Birchmount.  It will be at Birchmount Stadium in the am of Mon., May 30th and parents will need to drive the kids.

Mr. Knight and I wish to express a big thanks to Ms. Laverne who has offered to take on a leadership role in helping to organize these events!

Ms. Robertson & Mr. Knight


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  1. Thank you!!!

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