What a Great Day Courcelette!

Congratulations to our whole 90+ member team who represented Courcelette so well today! There were so many awesome jumps and races and throws!! Many students have qualified to go on to the East final by placing in the top 4 today.  The next meet is way in the future on June 8th.  Thankfully, there’s a lot of time to plan so we can train some more and iron out any questions, etc. (Today was so rushed to organize! I really want to thank the athletes and parents who were very patient with me today!)

Please try to make plans to escort your young athlete to the East Final meet and safely get them back to school if you know for sure that he/she has qualified.  (If you are not able to organize this, please tell me -or have the student tell me – and I will try to help to organize a ride share with an athlete who competes at similar times.) The schedule will be the same as todays – but will likely run faster!

The relays!!! As soon as I see the results, I will share them with you!! Some of your races were so amazing so I can’t wait to see results! Little gr. 3 runners ~ there’s no final for you – but you can save this experience for when you are gr. 4s!

Thanks to my fellow coaches who helped supervise today: Ms. Bowers, Ms. Wilkins, Ms. Toner and master marshaller, Mr. Knight.  Thanks to Mr. Bradley and Ms. Hepner for their support back at school.

Also – a big thanks to our parents who helped drive students at the beginning and at the end of the day!! Thanks for pitching in and for cheering on the whole team!!

Ms. Robertson


7 Responses

  1. Hi Ms. Robertson:
    Thank you so much for all the hard work that goes into organizing these events! Any news on Gr8 boys RLJ?

    Roxanna (Grants mom:))

    • I’ve asked to please look into results to the organizers!! I will share any news I get with Grant as soon as I can! Thanks, Dee

      • That’s great. Thank you!

      • Hi! Good morning Nish fam! so great news, Grant did place 2nd and Tyler is forwarding me a 2nd place ribbon! sorry for the worry & congrats to Grant!! Dee

  2. That’s so amazing. Grant is thrilled !
    Go Courcelette !!!

  3. Thanks to you and all the coaches for all of your work! What a great experience for the kids.

    • You’re welcome Pourmatin family!!! Twins both did so awesome! Can’t wait for their next performances! Dee

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