Ready for June 8th East Final?

Hi community!! We’ve been trying to run a few practices here and there – but things are super busy here at school! I hope I can encourage students to try to jump, run and continue to train on their own! The relay teams have been running in the am and Mr. Knight has worked with our sprinters! Thanks to Ms. Pennington and Ms. Bowers for their relay work & time!

[I personally watched Lucy A. do a few 3 jumps and they were great!!.. Shortly I’m going to call out anyone who has qualified for shot put – but EQAO is going on….we’ll see how it goes!]

In order to get ready for next Wednesday…. I encourage athletes to know the time of their event, be organized with a drive and to come to a meeting on Monday June 6th next week – likely around 3pm.

Any big questions, please encourage your athlete to talk with me at school… or post here! Thanks, Ms. R.



4 Responses

  1. If any of our athletes make it to city finals, will the event be at Birchmount again?

    • YES!!! yay!(tho travelling to the big blue track at varsity is kinda special too!)
      …Tues., June 14th! Dee

  2. Just double checking how much earlier you want the kids at the track (prior to scheduled event time). 30 minutes prior to marshelling?

    • 45 mins?? It depends on the event! First event in the morning require less time. (allow for parking and warm-up) The marshaling happens often 30 mins. before the times posted. The event volunteers cannot start before the times posted. We are fortunate because we are so close!!

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