Tips for East Final:

Hi community! We had a meeting with the kids on Mon. pm….. pls. check in with school either by phone or in person at the beginning of the day.

Forecast looks downright cool… dress in school jersey with layers!!! …a jacket might be a good idea…..Bring water, hats, snacks, blankets, etc.

Athletes must see a coach (me or Ms. Bowers) for a competitor number. Note: relay runners do not have a number.  Athletes must check out with a coach too please.  I know sometimes an athlete might not feel like it if there’s a little disappointment… but no worries!  We love to see all of our athletes no matter what! We are super proud of you no matter what result!!! It’s just really cool to see so many of our Courcelette kids competing at such an awesome event.

Athletes who are finished are strongly encouraged to return back to school. We do not have supervision coverage to monitor the students… so we would really like them at school or competing.  Of course if a student is closely monitored by his/ her parent ~ that’s great!

Thanks so much for your attention and support ~ see you at the event.  Beginning of the day ~ I will be on the south side of the stands.  After hurdles, I will be on the south field behind the time sign near Kingston Rd. ….. Park legally!!!! Have a great sleep young athletes!

Ms. Robertson




3 Responses

  1. Hi Deneen, Where can I find the times for the races tomorrow? Can’t seem to find it here on the blog.
    Brent Nykoliation

    • because it’s a rolling blog by date ~ yes…. sometimes you have to go back a few! nice to see you today! your girls did great! DR

  2. Ahh…found it under a link. All good.

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