Way to Go Courcelette!

Just a quick shout out to our amazing student athletes who showed up to represent our awesome little school for the best of the best in the city!  Congrats to: Tessa, Scarlett, Connor, Lee, Ben, Oscar, Alex and Jack!  All of you are the tops in the city in your given events ~ so I hope you know how terrific that is! It is a huge accomplishment to qualify at this elite level!

Extra special kudos and “wow!” to our students who finished in the top 8 in the city:

Jack – 7th in the 800m

Scarlett – 8th in the hurdles, 5th in the sprints

& Ben – 5th in Running Long and 5th in the 200m

Way to go, kids!

Thanks to parents who escorted and cheered on our team.  I will link results as soon as I see them so that you can plan and practise and plot with your times and distances!  I will link so you can see how fast and how far everyone was!  It was a terrific meet!  I will also email a big thanks to the organizers for their expert team of volunteers on our behalf!!

Ms. R.


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