Chine Drive – Getting Ready?

Hi Community!

We need to get ready for Chine Drive – Wed., Sept. 21 after school (beginning at 4pm)! At Mon. morning practice, I will need to know our numbers so I can register our team with the Chine Drive organizers… so please discuss with your child if they wish to run! They will need to be organized with a drive, running gear, a snack, water and a jersey.

About drives: Please fill out a permission to drive form if you escort someone else’s child! I will have some available on the table outside the office on Wed. Thanks in advance for helping to get our kids to this meet! Carpooling is recommended as parking is challenging at Chine Drive. I will not print off maps – it’s just the bottom of Chine Drive south of Kingston Road – east of Midland.

About jerseys: Mr. Knight will have students sign out a jersey for the season on Mon. or Tues. if your child doesn’t have a XC jersey. (We may organize a link to order more… stay tuned for a post about that!)

This is an optional meet! Kids are encouraged to go as it’s excellent practice to be in a race situation.  After the race students must hand in results to me ~ this is also great practice for what to do on race day!

NOTE: This week we will have morning practice just on Mon. am and Fri. am. As Wed. is our first invitational meet ~ we wish the students to rest in the am, eat healthy food and be ready for the race…. so no practice on a race day.

Many thanks! Ms. R & the coaches


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