Chine Drive! race times, etc.

The forecast looks great.. but warm!! I have registered about 70 athletes who let me know that they intend to run!  Many thanks for carpooling and being organized with drives! If you need a ‘permission to drive’ form they are outside the office! It is only the driver who is required to fill out the form….

Races start at 4pm – with gr. 1 girls and boys running together! Races continue every 15 minutes from then on. The results are separated by gender as the kids finish. Our gr. 3s can expect to be on the starting line close to 4:30.

Athletes should manage their gear, food, water, warm up and cool down!

Please remind athletes to hand in results to me (Ms. Robertson) and let a coach know when they are leaving safely!

Many thanks community! Looking forward to a fun and exciting afternoon!

Ms. R.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Mrs. R – Thomas doesn’t think that he let you know that he planned on running at Chine. Is it too late? He’d like to run if possible, but understand if it’s too late. Please let me know either way. Thanks, Heather

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