Brock Gordon – Getting Organized…

Hi Community! We are trying to get organized for our 2nd optional invitational meet this year! As mentioned, it’s great practice to take part in races… and this one happens to be at the same course as our qualifier and East Final so it’s really great practice to run the course!

Here are the details:

Thomson Park – Brimley and Lawrence on Sat., Oct. 1st in the am

Race times:

Gr. 3 + 4 girls – 9:50am, Gr. 3 + 4 boys – 10:15

Gr. 5 + 6 girls – 10:40, Gr. 5 + 6 boys – 11:00

Gr. 7 + 8 girls – 11:20, Gr. 7 + 8 boys – 11:35

Suggestions: show up at least 30-45 mins. before to comfortably park and have your athlete warm up! Check in with Mr. Barbeau at the finish to see where it is and where he is! Make sure to hand in results to Mr. Barbeau – so that your individual race counts and also so that a team total can be submitted (5 runners makes a team!).

Top 10 receive a medal and teams can also win banners and crests for our school if they have a good result! Not that it’s all about that ~ it’s just fun to be on a team, exercise, and be on a team!

I will ask athletes to meet me tomorrow at the end of the day so that they can let me know that they plan to participate so I can organize and register our teams!

Many thanks! Ms. Robertson & Mr. Barbeau


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  1. Please confirm you receive this as a reply.

    Jacob kemp will be there

    Shannon kemp

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Great ~ thanks! make sure he knows so he can attend my meeting! DR

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