Official Results! Great News!

Hi community! Well I have just checked through official results and here’s some cool news: 6 Teams have qualified! And the Top 50 in many cases jumps down to athletes who individually placed once the team scores are removed – therefore some results in the 60s and 70s advance too!

Team results with added amazing individuals (those who are in the top 50 know they have qualified… but here’s the added cool news): 67 kids have qualified for the East Final!

Gr. 3 G – 1st, + Raya

Gr.3 B – 1st, + Ben and Donovan

Gr. 4 G – 2nd, + Siena, Lisa & Addi

Gr. 4 B – 1st,

Gr. 5 G – 4th, + Scarlett R.

Gr. 5 B – 1st + Shae & Danny

Gr. 7 B + Grayson & Joe

Gr. 7 G + Scarlett P.

Gr. 8 B + Ray

Super!! Ms. R.


2 Responses

  1. How did I qualify? I came 73rd!

    • You did qualify Ray! Come and see me and I will show you how! YAY!

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