Unofficial Results and congrats from me!

Hi Community ~ what a fun and awesome rainy day of great races and results!!

By my count – but it’s not for sure.. I think we likely have 18 athletes who have qualified for the cities next Thursday! (Come see me and I will share race maps from years’ past – but it’s not guaranteed that it will be the same for 2016!)

I did check our team totals with the lovely Ms. Noble at the end of the race – and our gr. 3 girls tied for 1st with a team total of 29! (the tie breaker will be announced later….) and our gr. 5 boys won 1st with a team total of 45! Congrats – I really love when teams do well!

Here are some individual highlights from the East in the top 20s:

Gr. 3 G – Reese – 2nd, Giorgia – 3rd, Georgia R. – 6, Lily – 18, Maya – 25, Sophie – 26, Jaylyn – 29

Gr. 3 B – Tim – 1st, Trey – 3rd

Gr. 4 G – Natasha – 2nd, CJ – 16, Stella – 23

Gr. 4 B – Oliver A. – 11, Simon – 13, Andy – 23

Gr. 5 G – Ava – 8

Gr. 5 B – Kristjian – 6, Austin – 7, Oscar – 12, Gabe – 20, Ben – 21, Lucas – 23

Gr. 6 G – Tessa – 21

Gr. 7 G – Abigail – 5

Gr. 7 B – Alex P. -11, Owen (the birthday boy) – 19

Gr. 8 G – Olivia – 13!

Super job kids! I hope you are all so proud of your results.  Even if you didn’t go on to the next race – you are so awesome!! I hope you join our team again next year for XC 2017!

Many, many thanks to the terrific parents who accompanied and cheered on our team! Special shout-out to super-fans from our Gr. 3 team, Giorgia, Reese, Trey and Georgia who stayed to cheer on Abigail – Trey’s big sis – You guys rock!  Judy and Lisa had some terrific team spirit too! Thanks, too, to our Gr. 8 girls Maddie and Olivia, who thanked the race organizers on behalf of all the Courcelette students and parents today!

Thanks so much to Mr. Barbeau for being at the start for the big races in the morning!! Thanks – as always – to Mr. Bradley for releasing us so we can coach during the school day!!

Ms. R.



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  1. And a big thank you to you as well Mrs. R.
    You rock!

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