Getting organized for our sch. days…

Hi Community! Well we’ve had a little info. session at our most recent sharing assembly where I talked about the purpose of our school days.  Our focus is on participation, fitness, school spirit and fun.  My hopes are that our Gr. 3 – 8 students have two fun afternoons on Mon. May 1st and Tues. May 2nd. and get to try out 6 events.  If the weather is not cooperative, our rain dates are the 3rd and 4th in the pm.

I will invite athletes on Wed. the 3rd and Thurs. the 4th at 8am to try out for the 400m, 800m and 1500m races. (The 200m runners are typically chosen from the sprint school results. For example, if an athlete wins the sprints, I ask if he/ she would like to run the 100m or 200m race.)

From this day we do begin to pick our competitive school team (Gr. 4 – 8) who will go to Birchmount for the qualifier on May 19th. Athletes may participate in 2 events and 1 relay.  There are opportunities for wildcards (i.e., 2 same gender, same grade, same event) which is always very fun!

I will have to finalize the team by Fri. May 5 and registered by May 8th. I try to do this by discussing with the students so that they have some input into the events.  In most cases this strategy has worked in the past and our students have had an awesome Track season.

Here’s hoping for fine weather, great spirits and some terrific results!

Ms. Robertson

ps. reminder to the students to please listen carefully to morning announcements and to see me with any questions.


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