Planning for Friday

Hi Community!

I have asked the student athletes to check the meet schedule so that they know their times of their events.  I will host a meeting to number up the athletes Thursday pm @ 2:45. I may have a little information meeting on Wed. pm after Jump Rope for Heart.  We have been trying to host some practices for various events ~ but as was said before… kids need to listen to announcements. It’s hard for Mr. Brown to run relays when kids from the team are absent.

I cannot link the meet schedule here as I have had complaints from the broader community… if you wish to pop into school see the meet sched. yourself, you are welcome to do so. Generally, the girls on on the track first and the boys are at the pits first… with the big relays in the middle of the day. Then they switch – boys on the track and girls at the pit events.

NEW REQUEST: Girls 200m runners and Boys Running Long – Gr. 7 and Boys Triple Jump… I will be sending home a meet sched. with these students!  I believe they may marshal these events before the bus arrives – so, just to be sure if these kids can carpool or get a drive – it may help out! If you need a permission to drive form – pls. have your child ask me!

The rest of the kids – except hurdlers and 1500m runners should all be on the bus.

NOTE: if your child is sched. at 2 events at the same time – master marshaller Knight will make sure the athlete ‘checks in’ at the pit event – THE TRACK TAKES PRECEDENCE! The athlete MUST attend the track event first!!

Guess what? If you child ordered pizza – some nice parent volunteers will be delivering it! I still strongly encourage loads of healthy snacks and water! Hopefully they will scarf down the ‘za after the relays!!

Thanks, Ms. Robertson


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