Where to Meet, What to Bring, Buses & Drives & How to Qualify for the E. Final…

Hi Community ~ wow, wordy titles this year…. The coaches and I had a meeting with the team today after the Jumprope for Heart Event today to share some info. and field some questions…(track – field – ha ha… just doesn’t get old ~ Mr. McNaughton would have approved).

At the Meet: first thing if you arrive at 8am or so, I will be in the stands close to the south. 8:15 should be good for 1500m runners, 8:30 for hurdlers ~ just plan for a comfortable time to park safely, warm up and get marshalled.  After the hurdlers are almost done, we will be meeting and trying to save a spot under the grass, behind the big sign on the south side of the track.

What to Bring: I did suggest to the team to pack their kit the night before, jersey, running shoes, shorts, layers, sunscreen, hat, towel, healthy snacks, water…. Get lots of good rest! We did tell the kids please to bring healthy snacks and lunches and not money. Unless a parent is escorting his/ her child, we will not support visits to the giant line up to buy stuff from the snack bar.  If your child must have chips.. please pack them! This will also reduce our garbage too… let’s try to pack a litterless lunch. Please don’t bring valuables… really look after belongings.

Buses & Drives: Many kids who are competing in the earlier events took permission to drive forms (only the driver needs to fill out a form). The rest of the team will arrive in 2 buses which are shuttling from the meet. The first bus should leave around 9:15 and the second hopefully around 9:40. Students must listen to the announcements to be called down. Buses leaving will likely be at around 1pm and 2:15pm.. for any athlete who is finished at those times.  Athletes left to compete after the 2nd bus shuttle will need to carpool home ~ I will have extra parental drive forms on hand and thank our community in advance to get our athletes home safe. Thanks very much for your support in this.  PLEASE park legally – and carpool with neighbours if you are coming over to cheer on the team…..there’s construction… it’s going to be a challenge!

How to Qualify: Top 3 for Gr. 4 – 6, Top 5 for Gr. 7-8!! Just very cool to represent our school at the qualifier… but for those of you who have the goal to get to the next East Final ~ this is how to do it!

Numbers: We will number up the early athletes tomorrow around 3pm! Other student athletes will be numbered up at the meet! Also – if you wish, if your child has checked out his/ her number… please write it on his/ her hand in a black or dark sharpie. I know Scarlett P. knows she is #530 ’cause she wanted to see if it was a lucky number… too cute! I think it’s lucky!

Thanks for your enthusiasm & support!

Ms. Robertson


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