Wow! Awesome Qualifier!

Congrats to our fabulous team of 100 Gr. 4 – 8 athletes for a very fun and successful day! Any student who placed in the top 3 individually or with their team for Gr. 4 – 6 & top 5 for Gr. 7 – 8 have qualified for the East Conference final on June 8th! All other athletes should be super proud to have represented our school so well today. Every meet is a terrific opportunity to learn, improve and grow as an athlete & person! Even if you did not qualify for the next meet, you should still be super proud of representing our school today ~ congrats and yay for you!!

Big thanks go our to our coaches who looked after our athletes today: thanks to Mr. Knight, Ms. Bowers, Mr. Brown (relay coach extraordinaire!) & Ms. Toner!  Thanks to Mr. Bradley for allowing us to be at the meet! Thanks to Ms. Hepner as I know for sure you helped out a ton!!

Huge thanks to all the parents who helped encourage our team and drive early and late athletes after the bus!

New this year: Thanks to the pizza delivery team! ….a first for Courcelette…… they pulled off a monthly pizza lunch delivery with seamless efficiency and the kids followed most instructions to not devour it before running the relays! Very fun!

I will post/ share results as soon as I see them!! We had a ton of amazing results! Any student who wishes to see jumping/ running/ timing standards from other meets can pop by the lab and we can check things out…. in order to prepare for the East Final!

Enjoy a great long weekend!

Ms. Robertson

PS> I thanked many of the meet organizers & volunteers on our behalf! I will also give some feedback about lanes and crowding that was experienced by some of our track runners. Any other feedback that you have, pls. feel free to share with me!


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