Terrific City Final Courcelette!

We had many great races and jumps today with our 19 athletes! Several placed in the top 8 in the entire city of Toronto!  All finished in the top 16 in the entire city!! I hope everyone is super proud of results!! Here are the unofficial top 8 athletes at our school!

Scarlett – 6th in hurdles and 8th in the 100m sprints for Gr. 7!

Ben – 8th in the Long Jump & 7th in the 200m for Gr. 5

Natasha – 7th in the 1500m for Gr. 4!

Connor – 7th in the Triple Jump for Gr. 6!

Cooper – 7th in the Standing Long Jump for Gr. 4!

I did just try to link the amazing results for the East but couldn’t link the pdf right now… will try again at school tomorrow and also will try to post city results when I see them so you can all see results and plan for future goals.

Great day kids – you were patient for 2 rain delays… both just before Scarlett’s races! Way to be flexible and ready for anything! Thanks parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings – you guys are the best!

Ms. Robertson



2 Responses

  1. Thank you (and Mr K) for another great season!

    • You’re welcome!!!! Super fun times and great memories I hope for your kids ’cause great memories for me!
      ….in my many long years of teaching – this is one of the things I love best! Dee

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