XC This Week – Sept.25-30

Hey Community! This week we will run our normal Mon., Wed., and Fri., morning runs…. except… Let’s just meet on Friday am at 8:15 for a light jog in the school yard! The reason is two-fold: Terry Fox is in the afternoon and our XC Team is encouraged to run then ~ so saving some energy is a good idea. The second reason is that we can meet also to field any questions about Sat.’s Brock Gordon Race!

I will register teams for this Scarborough amazing tradition!  It’s the 50th annual! The interesting thing about this race is the double school year groupings! It’s 3 /4 girls, 3 /4 boys, 5 /6 girls, 5 /6 boys and 7 /8 girls and 7 /8 boys.  I will post race times on Monday.  (It’s all in the am. ) I will need a show of hand for runners who intend to participate ~ so please discuss with your child and let me know!

Many thanks, D. Robertson


2 Responses

  1. Stella will be at Brock Gordon. She won’t be at Sept.25 practice. Thx!!

    • Yay!!! Will register her team!! The team can be up to 12 runners and I currently have around 8 in her race…. so all good! Dee

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