Brock Gordon Times

Hi Community ~ the day starts off with 2 grade 1/2 races.  It is great to see how they finish and the course before the 3/4 races! Our race times are:

Gr. 3 /4 girls: 9:50

Gr. 3 /4 boys: 10:15

Gr. 5 /6 girls: 10:40

Gr. 5 /6 boys: 11:00

Gr. 7/ 8 girls: 11:20

Gr. 7 /8 boys: 11:35

Arrive 30-45 minutes before your race time to get settled, see the finish, get to the start and warm up!  Make sure to see Ms. Robertson with your results as they do have to be tallied and handed in! Ms. Clarke or Ms. Gillan may be at the start… I will be at the start at the first 3 /4 race – but then will only be at the finish!
Note: Thomson Park is at the northeast corner of Brimley and Lawrence Ave.

D. Robertson


4 Responses

  1. Brock Gordon – what is the location?

  2. Hi Ms Robertson, Brooke won’t be able to run in the race tomorrow- the doctor has asked her to keep off her foot. Good luck to the rest of the runners!

    • All ok – always make sure our athletes are healthy and able to run…. lots of rest and make sure she is ok before she runs again! In some cases it may be best to wait for the track season in the spring! There’s loads of middle and distance runs to participate in!! Thanks for the note! Take care Brooke! Dee/ Ms. R.

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