Tips for the Qualifier

Getting There:

We have a bus ~ there will be 2 shuttles….

Gr. 3 – 5 on first shuttle around 9:15am

Gr. 6 – 8 on second shuttle around 10:20

First shuttle back to school all racers who are done – likely Gr. 3 – 5 around 12:30

Second shuttle back to school all racers who are done – around 2pm.

If we have Gr. 7 or 8s who have not raced yet, we will need to carpool back to school – I will have ‘Permission to Drive’ forms on hand if you help out driving a child who is not your own.

Please note! If you take your own child to and from the meet – that is fine – just please communicate with Ms. Robertson or a coach at the meet.  Please do not take other children – when we have a bus – we need to use it as they are costly. We will of course need drivers for the East Final and City Final as for those meets I do not organize a bus as most of our parents love to come and cheer on our students!

While at the Meet:

All students must listen and be ready and organized to race.  This means manage food and warms ups, cool downs and equipment/ gear. Many runners should plan on being organized with a mid morning snack and then eat lunch after they race. All students must be very disciplined with behaviour.

What to Bring:

running gear, jersey, running shoes (possibly rainboots or second pair), extra socks, layers for all weather – it could rain and be way chillier than it has been, hat, water, snack, lunch…. blanket, towel + number on hand to race – will be given at the meet

How to Qualify for the East Final on the 20th:

top 5 teams (team consists of adding the first 4 runners’ place) + 5th runner

top 50 individuals once teams have been removed

Thanks! Ms. R. & the coaches


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