What a Great Qualifier, Courcelette!

You really rock, young Broncos!!!! Thanks for all of your terrific races today! Informal results from me are as follows… Here are some great team totals: (adding up the first 4 runners):

Gr. 3 B – 51, Gr. 3 G – 58, Gr. 4 B – 48, Gr 4 G – 17!!, Gr. 5 B – 44, Gr. 5 G – 73, Gr. 6 B – 32!

Here are some individual top 15 results! Five firsts!

Gr. 3 B – 1st – Charlie!, 6th – Jack F.

Gr. 3 G – 5th – Olivia, 7th – Tess

Gr. 4 B – 4th – Tim, 10th – Trey, 13th – Sam

Gr. 4 G – 1st – Camille!, 3rd – Reese, 4th – Giorgia, 9th – Lily

Gr. 5 B – 5th – Cooper, 8th – Oliver, 11th – Simon

Gr. 5 G – 1st – Natasha!, 6th – Stella

Gr. 6 B – 1st – Jesse!, 4th – Kristjan, 10th – Oscar

Gr. 6 G. – 15th – Cassandra

Gr. 7 B – 1st – Hudson!

Gr. 8 G – 4th – Abigail

Gr. 8 B – 13th – Owen

Many thanks to our coaches, Mr. Knight, Ms. Clarke & Ms. Toner for stepping in for Ms. Wilkins! Thanks to our principal Ms. Gillan for supporting us and allowing us to be at the meet to coach our team! Thanks parents for cheering and driving!!!

Any athlete who placed in the top 50 (or close to place 50 or 60 depending on the race) will be invited to the East Final next Friday, the 20th! Race times start at 10:30 with the Gr. 3 boys.  We do not have a bus for the East final!

Congrats team!! Ms. Robertson

ps. I will share more notes (i.e., team places) when I get official results – I will share more individual qualifiers at school but will not post here in this blog.




2 Responses

  1. Great work Ms. Robertson. Thank you for all your effort working with our kids and leading us to another successful year. Is there a practice tomorrow morning?

    • sorry – didn’t get this out in time —– but replied to everyone in a post! Dee

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