Chine Drive Race on Wed.! Bit of Info…..

Hi team and parents!!! As you know our first optional race is tomorrow after school! Please make your way to Chine Drive P.S. after school is out.  You do not need to leave school early.  Please park along the side streets off of Chine Drive or….. you can find Underhill near the tennis courts.  If you drive someone else’s child, please fill out (and leave with the office) a Permission to Drive form.  [There are copies available outside the office.]

The first race is at 4pm with Gr. 1s.  Races follow every 15 mins after…  Boys and girls race together – but as they finish are separated into Boys and Girls for places.  Athletes are reminded to hand in results to Ms. R. at the end of the race.

Students need healthy snacks and water as well as running gear and a school (or personal) Bronco jersey.  Mr. Knight is handing out jerseys to students today who need them.  THANKS Mr. Knight! If one has been ordered – hopefully they will be available in a week or so!

For students who can’t make it to Chine….. no worries!  See you at morning practice on Friday.  (There is no practice on a race day.)  Students are encouraged to train safely with a family member to continue to build endurance if they don’t run Chine!

A final note on sportsmanship……… Let’s have tons of fun and be positive! Let’s encourage fellow Broncos and be proud of all results. It would also be so amazing the hear some ‘thank yous’ to the organizers at Chine Drive!!

See you tomorrow – the forecast looks perfect!

Ms. Robertson and the coaches!

(Mr. Knight, Mr. Quintin, Ms. Clarke and sometimes Ms. Toner!)


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