East Final Race Times

So that you can plan your day on Thursday, Oct. 18th community….

Please arrive 45 min – 1 hour ahead of race time.  This will allow you to preview the course and see if there are any changes on the day.  Note: we do not have a bus for the East Final – Please carpool and ride share.  If there is an athlete who cannot organize a drive – pls. see Ms. R. on Tuesday.

Race Times for the East Final:

Grade 3 Boys 10:30 Grade 3 Girls 10:45

Grade 4 Boys 11:00 Grade 4 Girls 11:15

Grade 5 Boys 11:30 Grade 5 Girls 11:45

{Barrier-Free Runners 12:00}

Grade 6 Boys 12:30 Grade 6 Girls 12:45

Grade 7 Boys 1:00 Grade 7 Girls 1:15

Grade 8 Boys 1:30 Grade 8 Girls 1:45

Thanks!! See you there…. if you think you qualified, please continue to train over the weekend! We will likely just have a Tues. am practice next week.

Ms. R. and the coaches



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