Great Day @ the Qualifiers!

Congrats to all runners who participated at the Qualifiers on Thursday! It was an awesome day of terrific results and beautiful weather. I will post the 56 athletes who have qualified for next Thursday’s East Finals on Monday at school! Mr. Knight announced athletes who had terrific individual results and finished in the top 10 at school on Friday.

Here are some team totals fyi!!

Gr. 3 Girls – Team Total – 52, 2nd place

Gr. 3 Boys – Team Total – 182, 5th place

Gr. 4 Girls – Team Total – 85, 2nd place

Gr. 4 Boys – Team Total – 80, 2nd place

Gr. 5 Girls – Team Total – 79, 2nd place

Gr. 5 Boys – Team Total – 17, 1st place

Gr. 6 Girls – Team Total – 129, 5th place

Gr. 6 Boys – Team Total – 74, 1st place

Gr. 7 Boys – Team Total – 71, 2nd place

Wow! Way to go runners! Ms. R.




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  1. WOWEE!!! Way to go Courcelette XC Team!! Incredible results!!! Next week is going to be so exciting!!

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